Why Choose A Residential Rehab Over Home Detox?

When seeking help for an addiction, there are a few avenues you can take that provide support, guidance, and a chance to put the unhealthy dependency on bed. But the two main options considered are residential rehab or home detox. Choosing which method of rehabilitation is best for you is ultimately a personal decision, where you consider your unique circumstances. However residential rehab has been proven to have a higher success rate of patients overcoming their addiction.

Hills & Ranges Private is an accredited residential rehab comprising a live-in treatment facility, where patients receive round-the-clock care, counselling, therapeutic treatment plans tailored for individual clients matched with healthy food, activities and a 21 unit curriculum (no one just sits around at Hills & Ranges Private) to be a safe and conducive environment for recovery without the stresses of everyday life. Home detox provides a medically sound framework for detox from alcohol or drug dependence but does nothing for the mental side of addiction. And while chemical dependence is a key component of addiction, it really only represents about 10% of the recovery framework needed to deal with addiction in a sustainable manner.

To help you better understand how a residential rehab can work for you or a loved one, we have put together a number of benefits we provide:

The Benefits of a Residential Rehab

  • A residential rehab offers a stable living situation and allows patients to take a complete break from their environment. Being removed from temptation and emotional triggers allows patients to fully immerse themselves in their treatment and helps eliminate the added stresses of everyday life while trying to overcome an addition.
  • The structure provided at a residential rehab is something that cannot be found in any other facility, including a hospital rehab. The programs are designed to keep patients busy and active. Also, by providing 24/7 care, patients who are in the early stages of recovery – where relapse is more likely to occur – have someone to consistently lean on.
  • Having a balanced diet and a regular workout routine is essential for good health, and at a residential rehab, patients eat well thanks to in-house catering and partake in fitness therapy. Exercise has been proven to reduce cravings, so by involving patients in daily cardio or strength training, as well as providing wholesome meals, not only is the body catered for but the mind and spirit too.
  • Daily counselling sessions, both in groups and individually, allow patients to work through the root cause of their addiction and develop techniques and strategies to abstain from using, once they re-enter society. A residential rehab allows patients to focus purely on themselves and truly understand their addiction, while preparing them for a life of sobriety.

Hills & Ranges Private Can Help

If you decide that residential rehab is the best choice for you or a loved one, and want to know more about the treatments and programs we offer at Hills & Ranges Private, please feel free to contact our team.

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