Exclusive health and wellness, tailored private rehab

Exclusive health and wellness, tailored private rehab


The Hills and Ranges Private rehabilitation centre provides 5 star rehabilitation in the picturesque Australian Dandenong Ranges. Offering Australia’s most successful recovery programme we use a balanced approach combining educational, clinical and therapeutic therapies. We have the answers to reignite your passion for life, and build a stronger future.

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If you’re looking for specialised, luxury rehab centre, we are here for you. At Hills and Ranges Private, our holistic treatment programs will help you break free from substance abuse, and reintroduce meaning and purpose into your life. We are Australia’s premier luxury rehab facility. We help you or your loved one overcome addiction, and take the first steps towards a new life.

Victoria's leading rehab facility treating alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction

Hills and Ranges Private is Melbourne, Victoria’s only luxury rehab in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, offering Melbourne’s most successful recovery programme. With a balanced approach combining educational, clinical and therapeutic therapies, we have the answers to reignite your passion for life, and build a stronger future.

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Reset Your Life, Reignite Your Passions and Reimagine Your Future

Discrete, luxurious locations in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, our innovative and balanced approach combines both clinical and therapeutic methods to cover all aspects of mind, body and soul rehabilitation.

As an exclusive client, you’ll receive unparalleled care from our highly qualified clinical team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors and facilitators as you complete our specifically designed and most successful proven 5i Curriculum for addiction recovery.

You’ll have access to our health & wellness team specialising in nutrition, personal training, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more, including a luxurious day spa so you can unwind, relax and reconnect holistically.

At our luxury rehab centre you can reintroduce meaning and purpose into your life, making rehab and entering recovery the greatest decision you’ve ever made.

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A Message From Our Team

“Our Mission is to ACtually Rehabilitate”

We believe that your success in rehab shouldn’t be a guessing game, and that you deserve to feel safe, comfortable, and connected with the facility you’re entrusting yourself to. We’re committed to removing the stigma around your addiction, and helping you find the real, underlying problems standing in the way of your recovery.

We have dedicated ourselves to leading the process of innovation and improvement of addiction treatment in Australia, and inspiring a positive shift in client experience, retention, and ultimately – their success. 


Gambling Addiction


Drug Addiction



Cocaine Addiction

Anxiety & Depression

Surrounded by nature in the Dandenong Ranges

Our locations are no accident – in the serenity of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is the first foundational block of your recovery success. Our facilities are hand-picked and give you the opportunity to escape the inner-city chaos, and connect with nature in abundance. Choose from two highly discrete and luxurious 5 star rehabilitation locations to begin your final journey to recovery:

The Mount Dandenong Retreat caters for anyone 21 or over looking for a premium rehab to treat alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. This 9 bed private facility boasts a pristine nature lot sitting on more than half a hector in The Dandenong Ranges
The Sassafras Manor caters for CEO’s, Executives, Athletes, Actors and other C-Suite Clientele. With just 4 beds available each month in a double story manor, this is the most exclusive and discrete treatment option in Australia. Enjoy a gym, day spa, Jacuzzi, private chef and so much more.

What Sets Hills and Ranges Private Apart?

Combining Physical Activities With Proven Recovery Programs

We take a unique approach to recovery by allowing you to incorporate a vast array of physical activity into your day – such as hiking, meditation, yoga, one-on-one personal training and more. By combining supportive physical activity with our recovery system, we achieve the highest success rates.

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones While You Heal

While many rehab centres will strip you of contact with the outside world, we believe that approach is counter-productive. As a Hills and Ranges Private patient, you’ll have daily opportunities to contact loved ones, check-in with your business, and tend to responsibilities when necessary. Feel confident that taking intentional time to focus on healing will strengthen your world around you in a lasting way.

Specialists in Recovery From Substance Dependence

We are the only private 5-star luxury rehab centre specialising in Alcohol and other drug addictions including gambling. We provide a superior level of care with a holistic approach that focuses on re-establishing overall mental health and wellbeing, for sustainable, long term recovery. A judgement free zone with a number of our highly qualified staff now in recovery themselves, meaning they can provide you with true empathy, as they understand the challenges you face every step of the way.

Ongoing, Daily Support for Life as You Continue Your Recovery

Aftercare programs are a critical part of your ongoing recovery success, which is why we provide ongoing support to ensure your transition back home is safe every step of the way. As a client, you’ll access our HARP app to check in daily with your counsellor, book sessions with our psychologists, stay accountable to your new daily routines, log and track physical activity, connect with our weekly group therapy session, and access powerful resources for ongoing success.

We offer Australia’s most successful, holistic treatment plans to help you confidently break free from substance addiction, step into sustainable recovery, and take back the joy of your life.

*Get support and find hope today.

Take Your First Step Towards True Rehabilitation Today

If you’re reading to get help for your own addiction, or support a loved one in their journey to healing, getting in touch with us is simple. Fill out the contact form below, or call us on 1800 422 711 and our caring team will be able to provide the answers and support you need.
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Hear From These Clients Who Transformed Their Lives at Hills and Ranges Private

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“I would do anything I could to truly pass on the message that there is possibility for change. There is an opportunity for a better life than what you’re currently living, no matter what your circumstances are… no matter what the extent of your addiction is, there is help.”
- Josh, Former Client of Hills and Ranges Private

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