Common Signs That Your Gambling Has Become a Problem

Betting on sports or heading for a night out at the casino is just plain fun for most people. The vast majority accept the risks and know when to put their wallet away. But gambling addiction can grab hold of certain types of individuals who simply don’t know when to stop.

This is often a result of severe betting delusions such as the ‘hot hand myth’ or the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. If you’re unsure whether your gambling has become a harmful addiction, consider the following signs that you might need expert help.

Your Behaviour Becomes Secretive

If you’ve noticed that you lie or keep secrets about how much you gamble, this is usually a sign that you’ve developed some kind of addiction. These deceptions can take many forms, but addicts will lie about where they spend their time and how much they’ve won or lost. If you routinely deceive friends and family about your gambling, there’s a good chance it’s controlling you.

You Can’t Control Yourself

When the average person gambles, they have a specific point when they know they have to cut their losses and give up. But problem gamblers don’t have this same sense of damage limitation. In fact, they will keep upping the stakes to try and win back lost money. In the long-run, this usually only causes more harm. If you find it impossible to walk away from losses, you should speak to an expert.

Gambling When You Can’t Afford to Lose

If you’ve received a big bonus at work, having fun with a small percentage at the casino might be fun. But if you’re someone who doesn’t have spare money to play around with yet continues to gamble anyway, this is a tell-tale sign that you have a problem. If you find that you have numerous unpaid bills or that you borrow or sell things to fund your gambling, it’s time to reflect on your choices.

Contact Our Rehabilitation Specialists

If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs either in yourself or a loved one, it might be time to get expert help. Fortunately, Hills & Ranges Private’s comprehensive treatment goes above and beyond the usual advice. With our innovative and multi-faceted approach to treatment, we strive to help everyone suffering from a range of different types of gambling addiction.

Contact our friendly team to find out about our gambling addiction treatment options and ensure that you or your loved ones receive knowledgeable help, and advice regarding their substance misuse.

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