Racquel Copeland

Chief Facilities Officer at Hills & Ranges Private

A natural leader for staff and clients at Hills & Ranges Private, Racquel embodies the concepts of recovery and health & wellness. Connecting easily to people from all walks of life, Racquel is frequently approached to act as mentor, counsellor and guide to those facing the many challenging aspects of recovery. 

Racquel calls upon a wealth of life experience in her role at HARP. A former business owner, and a loving mother, Racquel can convey complex, recovery focused education in a way that is resonant, powerful, and simple to understand. 

A thought-leader and an oftentimes resounding public speaker in her professional life, Racquel finds peace and tranquility in her self-care rituals, and in the company of her family and friends. Her interests include spending quality time with those closest to her, reading, and participating in movement-focused exercise such as pilates, walking, weight training, and yoga.

Driven by the HARP mission to actually rehabilitate, Racquel aspires to live in the present moment, finding joy in the simple things. She walks the walk, and leads by example as she furthers the cause to remove the societal stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery. Racquel is currently undertaking further study in the field of mental health and addiction recovery, adding to her comprehensive skillset in the practical side of delivering a science-backed recovery program. 

"Addiction is a disease. You don’t get to choose it - it chooses you. The choice you do get - is to recover."




Level 19/644 Chapel St., South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia


Health and Wellnes


Health and Wellness


Our Olinda & Sassafras Facilities

Treatment and Addiction Recovery In Nature – We’re nestled in the Dandenong Ranges.

Our facilities are dedicated anxiety recovery centres offering AOD services and on-going behavioural health plans. We are the only rehab centre in Australia specialising in Alcohol, Stimulant and or Chemsex addiction. Instead of only focusing on a 12-step program for recovery, we provide our patients on-going assistance and treatment, during and after their stay.

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