Why Addiction Recovery Doesn’t Stop After Rehab

Addiction treatment is the first step to successful substance abuse recovery, but rehab is only just the beginning. Freeing yourself from the grip of addiction requires consistent alcohol or drugs counselling, a solid support system and developing healthier coping mechanisms for your triggers.

Hills & Ranges provides luxury, proven substance abuse detox in Melbourne. We’ve helped thousands of people find success after our rehabilitation program because we understand the importance of aftercare in addiction recovery. Our recovery coaching involves preparing you, your friends and family members, and your support system with the information they need to help you be successful with an aftercare plan.

What’s Involved in Ongoing Recovery Coaching?

  • As you approach the end of your stay at Hills & Ranges, you’ll meet with your case manager to develop an individualised aftercare plan. This plan may include:
  • Transitioning to sober living or an outpatient program before returning home
  • Ongoing alcohol or drugs counselling
  • Meeting with a support group or attending group therapy
  • Working with a sober sponsor or mentor
  • Defining a support system of friends, family members, mentors, etc. to help you find success outside of treatment

The Importance of a Support System for Addiction Recovery

Notice that all the components of an aftercare plan involve leaning on other people to some degree. Establishing a well-rounded support system is the most critical aspect of successful recovery. Nobody can (or should have to) do it alone!

Individual and Group Therapy

A month-long stay in treatment is not enough to reverse years of substance abuse. While your treatment involves consistent individual and group therapy sessions, continuing with both afterwards is a critical part of recovery.

Individual therapy gives you a chance to process your emotions and come up with coping mechanisms for triggers. Group therapy introduces you to support from people enduring similar feelings and struggles, so you feel less alone.

Finding Support from Friends and Family Members

Even with a therapist and support group, transitioning back into the real world after rehab poses many challenges. Every person has different triggers that toss them back into an unhealthy mindset and make them grapple with using their addiction to cope once again.

Once you and your therapist identify your triggers, find friends and family members you can trust to help you avoid and overcome them. Relying on others to steer you out of harm’s way initially will make it easier for you to face triggers down the road.

Starting Your Journey to Recovery

The goal of an aftercare program is to prevent relapse in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. As you may know or will come to find out, recovery doesn’t stop after rehab. Finding people to support you through the challenges afterwards is the only way you’ll find success – and the team at Hills & Ranges is here to help.

To learn more about rehabilitation and substance abuse detox in Melbourne, call Hills & Ranges on 1800 954 749.

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