What is a Recovery Coach, and How Can They Help Me?

What is a Recovery Coach?

If you are struggling with addiction, a recovery coach can help you a lot. Designed to help people regain control of their lives and overcome addiction, recovery coaching is a complementary or alternative option to traditional rehabilitation, designed to work in conjunction with modern life.

Many people struggle with the idea of stepping away from their normal responsibilities and commitments to enter a residential rehabilitation facility. Other times, they may fail after leaving due to the ‘culture shock’ of stepping back into ‘normal’ life after treatment. If you are busy with work, life and family, and want to work through your drug use issue in a modern, private way then recovery coaches are a great option.

How Can a Recovery Coach Help?

Some ways in which a personal recovery coach can help you in rehab include:

  • Assist in implementing harm reduction measures
  • Help to form a plan of action when you decide to stop using drugs
  • Provide support and accountability
  • Assist patients to navigate the medical system
  • Direct patients to the right resources to help them with quick recovery
  • Provide the correct information for family support
  • Connect you to the right medical therapists and health professionals


A recovery coach is one of the most valuable professionals you engage with on your path to recovery. When people picture ‘rehab’, they often visualise live-in facilities and can feel intimidated by it because it can feel like becoming ‘locked up’ and relinquishing control. Recovery coaching offers an alternative for such situations.

Recovering Coaching at Hills & Range Private

At Rehab Melbourne Private, we have a service offering called Acutecare plus. This is a partnership with Addiction Coaching Australia in which we provide you with:

  • Your own personal recovery coach for 8 weeks to help you transition back into the real world.
  • Daily phone check in (5 to 10 mins) at a specified time to help you debrief and plan your days.
  • Daily accountabilities and feedback via our online platform.
  • Engagement with our coaches, access to resources, and learning through our online platform.
  • Weekly coaching session 45 mins online or in person at one of our offices to support your planning and reintegration.
    24/7 Crisis Call support.


Recovery coaching requires you to be committed and willing to do the work. The program aims to help identify behaviours, characteristics, and patterns that negatively affect your decision-making. It aims to equip you with modern resources and tools to regain control of your life, relationships, and career, all delivered with empathy, care, and respect.

Contact Our Rehabilitation Specialists

At Hills and Ranges Melbourne, we provide assistance to everyone suffering from addiction. Contact our helpful team to learn more about ‘what is a recovery coach’ and how they can help you as well as our treatment options.

Give our Melbourne private rehab centre a call on 1800 954 749 for more information on our drug counselling and rehab services in Melbourne.

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