Oliver Paterson

Music Therapist and Support Worker at Hills & Ranges Private

A highly trained guitarist and composer, Oliver is passionate about helping others through the power of music. At HARP, Oliver calls upon his own hard-won life experiences to deliver a transcendent Music Therapy experience. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Contemporary Music degrees, Oliver has since released 4 original albums of his own, and has played in bands around Melbourne and worked as a session musician.  

In his own words, Oliver describes how music has impacted his life: 

“From my very first memories I knew two things: I absolutely loved music, and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I had childhood piano lessons and then fell in love with the guitar and music at age 10. From this point I realised I could work out how to play songs by ear, even after only hearing a few bars of the music. Music became my escape from how I otherwise felt growing up with ADHD and parents who didn’t really know how to help me fit into the world.”

Oliver’s lived experience with addiction and subsequent recovery led him to his role at HARP – an oftentimes serene and philosophical thought-leader in his own right, Oliver is approachable and has a strong sense of humour in his interactions with clients, and he lends a truly empathetic ear to those in need of support. 

“My music took on a role of healing for myself that I grabbed with both hands, writing and releasing two solo albums in recovery so far. My sobriety enabled me to not just hear music, but to truly listen for the first time.”

Oliver is currently undertaking further study, completing a Master of Music Therapy at Melbourne University. In his time off, Oliver enjoys spending time in his home recording studio, camping, and working on cars. 

"Many people with no musical experience have a really transformative, empowering and joyful experience in my sessions which is phenomenal and heart-warming. Helping others overcome what I have also personally experienced is my reason to live today. I live and breathe music, recovery, caring for and helping people. Without my recovery I have no doubt that these incredible opportunities would have passed me by. It is available to anyone who wants it and is willing to do whatever it takes! All it took is one first step in the right direction and the rest was revealed, one day at a time."

  • Diploma of Music Performance (Jazz and Improvisation) at Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts  
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music, contemporary popular) at Monash University, Sir Zelman Cohen School of Music 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) (Contemporary Music) Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts 
  • (Current) Master Of Music Therapy, Melbourne University  






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Health and Wellness


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Treatment and Addiction Recovery In Nature – We’re nestled in the Dandenong Ranges.

Our facilities are dedicated anxiety recovery centres offering AOD services and on-going behavioural health plans. We are the only rehab centre in Australia specialising in Alcohol, Stimulant and or Chemsex addiction. Instead of only focusing on a 12-step program for recovery, we provide our patients on-going assistance and treatment, during and after their stay.

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