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Our holistic addiction treatment centres offer an innovative and balanced approach to rehabilitation, with clinical and therapeutic methods that truly work. It’s our team of committed, caring clinicians, nurses, counsellors and facilitators who drive that mission each and every day, helping over 500+ clients enter recovery and change their lives.

See who is behind the daily work and success of our effective program:


Head Counsellor

Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Therapist

Professional Fitness Coach

What Sets Us Apart…

Our staff are qualified, experienced, and committed to helping others

Our team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals in their respective fields, many of whom are also in recovery. Our personal experiences allow us to share true empathy, guidance and understanding when walking you through your own recovery journey too, and we can personally attest to the effectiveness of the 5i Curriculum in our own lives.

You can feel confident that your stay at Hills and Ranges Private will be free from judgement and stigma, with expert-led programs and support staff committed to your success.

Experience peace of mind knowing our team at Hills and Ranges Private are:

Lives Transformed at Hills and Ranges Private:

“I went into Hills & Ranges Private a very, very broken woman with no faith - completely alone and isolated. And I was a different person when I completed the program. I felt alive for probably the first time in my life. I felt like the most authentic version of myself when I completed my stay… I’m not only a more present partner, I’m a more present mother, daughter and friend.”
- RACQUEL, Former Hils & Ranges Private Client
“I would do anything I could to truly pass on the message that there is possibility for change. There is an opportunity for a better life than what you’re currently living, no matter what your circumstances are… no matter what the extent of your addiction is, there is help.”
- JOSH, Former Client of Hills and Ranges Private

Embark On Your Final Journey To Recovery At Melbourne’s Leading 5-Star Rehabilitation Facility

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