Is Addiction Hereditary?

Addiction is a common problem but what causes it is a context subject as it can be difficult to tell where it originates. People dealing with addiction can sometimes have other people in their family who are addicted to drugs like cocaine or alcohol. This can sometimes lead to the conculsion that perhaps addiction runs in your lineage.

Causes of Addiction

At least 6% of the Australian population drinks alcohol daily. On average, 41% of those aged 14 years and above drink alcohol at least once per peek. However, there are many reasons people drink alcohol, such as stress, peer influence, having fun, accessibility, social norm and other environmental triggers.

Since addiction and alcoholism are major issues in many countries, scientists have spent a lot of time researching the causes of it. One key question that arises is whether addiction is hereditary or not. NIH reports that environmental stressors and genes represent a 40 – 60% risk of addiction in individuals.

Are You More Likely to Use If Your Parents Do?

The simplest answer to this question is ‘yes.’ You are more likely to do drugs if one of your family members, like your parents, has a history of using drugs. Psychologists have shown that the risk of doing drugs increases in children whose parents are already addicted to drugs. Although it is not a guarantee that if your parents are addicted to drugs, you are more likely to end up addicted, you are more exposed to drugs when you live with addicts.

Why Does It Make You More Likely to Become an Addict?

If your parents use drugs while raising you, the likelihood of experiencing stress and depression tends to go up. This way, you increase your risk of getting into drugs. When your parents are addicts, you are more exposed to the drugs, and this increases the chances of you trying the drug yourself one day.

Also, if your parents are addicts, you can easily inherit a genetic predisposition for addiction. That means you may develop an addictive personality which, in addition to other addictive behaviours, can extend to drug use.

Is Addiction in my Genes?

We inherit our genes from our parents. If your parents are addicts, however, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to become addicted in the future.

Most people who have family members who have an addiction problem do not become addicts themselves. That means your genes do not play a major role in whether or not you become an addict yourself.

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