What Is Acute Care?

Leaving Rehab is the beginning of the recovery process, not the end. The program at Hills & Ranges Private is designed to enable patients to help themselves to maintain their recovery using tools taught during the 28-day process. For some clients, the effects of substance use can affect their brain chemistry sufficiently that they require more than 28 days in rehab, and for this, we also offer a 90-day program. Regardless of the length of the stay, when a patient is discharged is when they have to apply the principles learned in rehab, in the ‘real’ world. This is not as easy as it sounds and a major component of our ongoing success rate for patients after discharge is our “Acutecare” (Aftercare) program and where we provide (free lifelong) support to help recovering addicts stay clean and sober for the long haul. So, what is Acute Care?

What then is Sobriety Companionship?

At Hills & Ranges Private we know that the journey to better health and overcoming addictions continues well after you leave our treatment facility. “Acutecare” is apposite for those who get a good grasp of the principles of the 5i© Program during their stay. Some people however need extra help post-discharge and weekly follow-up and ongoing counselling aren’t enough. Understanding the complexities of addiction, we offer ongoing sobriety support in the form of a sobriety companion. Effectively through this service, patients can take rehab home with them and forge a better life for themselves with professional assistance, guidance and encouragement – in their own homes, workplaces and with family and social settings.

What are Sobriety Companions?

A sobriety companion is someone whose aim is to ensure that recovering addicts do not relapse or fall back into old, damaging habits. They are sometimes hired to provide 24/7 care, be on-call when needed or to accompany out-patients to certain activities.

Many sobriety companions start out in rehab with the recovering addict as their personal sobriety coach, getting to know them and assisting them during their treatment. During this time solid relationships can form, and trust and respect can be built between the two parties. This is essential, as patients need to feel as though they have someone to rely on and feel comfortable seeking advice and support from.

When a patient reaches the end of their treatment within a rehab facility, they are then moved to the out-patient program, with their sobriety companion coming with them. As you re-enter society, there will be regular meetings or check-ups that you will be encouraged to attend to ensure you stay on track, and a sobriety companion can come with you. Sobriety companions are the person out-patients can turn to when they are stressed, have addictive urges, or simply want to express how they are feeling to someone.

When Sobriety Companions are Important

Rehab can be the catalyst for a sufficiently large change in lifestyle that enables former patients to stay the course clean and sober. However, for some, this is not enough, and old habits can be very hard to break. That is when considering sobriety companionship important. Sobriety companions aren’t jailkeepers but can help steer a person’s lifestyle choices in the best direction that is conducive to maintaining recovery.

The road to recovery is not one that patients can typically take alone. To change addictive habits and create a better life post-discharge, patients need a network of support and trained professionals at the helm. Sobriety companions are a crucial part of the process and are a constant reminder to recovering addicts that they are not alone, and that what they are doing matters. This type of assistance and guidance can help an out-patient remain clean and on the right path when they re-emerge into the outside environment, where emotional triggers and memories of past behaviour are rife.

Learn More from Hills & Ranges Private

When it comes to learning more about ‘What is Acute Care?’, we are with you throughout your entire recovery journey, and our professionals at Hills & Ranges Private can help you create a healthier life for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about our sobriety companions or our luxury rehab centre at Hills & Ranges Private contact our professional team on 1800 422 711 or [email protected].

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