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Rehab is a place of learning but is NOT school and there is NO graduation. It is the start of a new life, a new journey. We know that recovery does not end with the final day at rehab, it is a journey that continues for much longer and takes as much time as necessary. Each and every one of us is also different, so each of us will have our own stories and journeys to tell.

Luckily, we live in a world that offers many resources to ensure that former and current addicts have somewhere to turn to when they need help staying abstinent, and continuing on the path to a healthier lifestyle. And in this technological world, one of those options is through a podcast.

A daily podcast also helps insofar as it promoted the daily routine which is so important in recovery.

By offering shared experiences, views of former addicts, alcoholics and those with behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, and allowing a platform for peer support, podcasts are extremely beneficial. Listening to the stories of others makes us all more tolerant, more accepting and helps us to understand ourselves better – that is the power of podcasts.

The Recovery Cast

Hills & Ranges Private started a daily podcast called The Recovery Cast.

Each episode dives into the different dimensions of addiction and sobriety, and is a place where we can share our thoughts on daily readings, daily reflections and topics related to addiction.

Designed to be inclusive and informative, the range of topics we explore on our addiction and sobriety recovery podcast are aimed at past and future clients and anyone who has an interest in recovery.

The Recovery Cast is available on the Hills & Ranges Private website, YouTube, and Spotify, for the convenience of all. Listeners can stay in the loop during their morning work commute, while going for a walk or simply enjoying some reflection time at home.

There is nothing more important than having support during the recovery process, and learning to cope with life after addiction, changing an old mindset and creating a more fruitful life. These topics and so much more are talked about on the daily podcast hosted by recovering addict, Oliver. We welcome everyone to engage with The Recovery Cast today and join our support group.

Learn More from Hills & Ranges Private

For more information on The Recovery Cast and how listening to addition and sobriety recovery podcasts can assist in the recovery process, please feel free to reach out to our team at Hills & Ranges Private.

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