How Hills & Ranges Private Encourages People to Engage with Rehab

Despite everything their most beloved friends or family members say, some addicts will go to extreme lengths to avoid going to rehab. Even if deep down they know that they require professional help to ever get better, this often isn’t enough to compel someone to check themselves in. In part, this common attitude amongst addicts is wrapped in a range of emotional responses related to their dependence.

From a strong sense of denial regarding their addiction, to a deep-rooted shame that makes it almost impossible to ask for assistance, overcoming these problems is a major hurdle on the road to recovery. However, the average rehabilitation centre doesn’t have the resources and infrastructure to keep patients sober long-term.

In the recent Patient Pathways Study, a project that assesses the outcomes of people who engage with rehabilitation services, it found that only 14% of patients had avoided their primary drug of choice for the year following treatment. Fortunately, Hills & Rangers Private operates differently from most other drugs, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation centres, helping us achieve a 90% success rate with patients who complete our programme.

Common Reasons Why People Avoid Rehab

With our facility founded by people who experienced their own addiction troubles – one former addict, and a family member of someone in recovery – we’ve created an environment that makes people staying in our care feel welcome and safe. This way, they can get the help they need. Before we explain how, let’s further explore some of the main reasons why people avoid checking into rehab.

Addicts Don’t Believe They Need Treatment

When it comes to treating people suffering from addiction, the most commonplace concern that keeps people from attending rehab is how they simply don’t view themselves as having an issue. When people are in the throes of their addiction, their minds are capable of incredibly powerful deception that ensures they never have to engage directly with their problem.

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