Debunking Myths About Addiction And Rehab

When researching addiction and rehab you will undoubtedly come across a range of information, from a variety of sources. There is much to be said about both topics but not all of it is true and useful. So, to help you better understand addiction and rehab, we have compiled some of the most common myths about addiction and rehab and debunked them for you.

Myths about Addiction and Rehab

Myth: Addiction Is Easy to Spot

Truth: Addicts and alcoholics hide their addictions well. We all know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and with addiction, this rings very true. Addiction is not always the low-bottom stereotype that the media likes to showcase. An addict can work hard to keep up appearances and to hide their addiction from their family, friends and colleagues. A vast majority of addicts function quite well in society, they hold jobs, have loving families and even enjoy socialising with friends, but this does not mean they aren’t mentally or emotionally struggling with their addiction. An addict is frequently NOT the rakishly skinny person living in squats using needles. Equally an alcoholic is in most cases NOT the homeless person you see in a park. According to the Australian Alcohol & Drug Foundation, addiction affects approximately 10% of our population, so chances are someone you know is affected by addiction, and you probably aren’t aware of it. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from an addiction, but the tell-tale signs are not present, we encourage you to seek assistance on how to open a delicate line of communication.

Our blog ‘How To Speak To Someone With An Addiction’ has some useful tips.

Myth: Addiction Always Means Substance Abuse

Truth: It’s quite common to assume that addiction requires the use of substances – usually drugs or alcohol – but this not the case at all. There is a range of behavioural addictions such as compulsive gambling or spending, sex addiction, work addiction and even internet addiction, that can play havoc on a person’s life. Fundamentally, “addiction” is simply a repeated behaviour that causes someone a problem whereby they cannot stop or can stop for short periods but keep returning to the same pattern of destructive behaviour. Frequently addiction is a form of escape, from life, work or relationship troubles. The more you understand the true nature of addiction, the more you begin to see that addicts are looking for a form of escapism. This can take shape in a way that originally made the person feel good, which may have been something as simple as online shopping or a night out at the Casino.

Myth: All Addicts Are Treated the Same in Rehab

Truth: Rehab facilities are designed to cater for the recovery of each unique individual. While some people may have the same addiction on paper, their reasons, triggers, and experiences could differ greatly. With this in mind, the trained professionals at rehab facilities work to understand the specific problems each addict faces and use tailored techniques to help with their recovery process. As humans, we all benefit from things differently, the idea of one size fits all is not viable with addiction, and rehab facilities work hard to ensure each person who enters their centre is assessed on a case by case basis. At Hills & Ranges Private, we tailor our programs to suit individuals, so the approach used with say one methylamphetamine (‘ice’) addict, may differ considerably from another.

Learn More from The Team at Hills & Ranges Private

There is a whole host of common myths about addiction and rehab, and it’s important to know the difference between misconception and reality when dealing with an addict.

If you want to educate yourself so you can help a loved one, or you yourself need help with an addiction, reach out to our luxury rehab centre team at Hills & Ranges Private on 1800 422 711 or [email protected].

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